Why We're Different

The Right Facility

We insist upon the highest standards. And that begins with our facility.

With ample vehicle space inside the facility and large overhead doors, delivery vehicles drive right inside and garage doors are closed for complete privacy. This means that we can assure complete privacy, dignity and professionalism as the cremation container or casket is transferred from your vehicle into our care. The facility is secured with a monitored security system as well as 24-hour video surveillance.

A comfortable space for identification or private good-byes is available on-site, and those who may wish to witness the placement of the cremation container are welcome to do so by appointment. 


The Right Equipment

Another item toward the top of our high standards list is the high quality of the equipment we insist upon. When researching this type of equipment, we learned that there is only one manufacturer - anywhere - that produces 100% U.L. Listed cremators. We also learned that this designation requires that every single piece, part and component of the entire unit must be U.L. Certified. No other manufacturer can make this claim. That got our attention.

In addition to being 100% U.L Certified, our cremators are also specifically designed to properly accommodate and facilitate cremation for extra-weight circumstances. This is a critically important distinction among cremation equipment, and thus a critically important distinction among cremation providers. We can confidently offer professional cremation services under such circumstances that maintain extremely high standards of operation - even under circumstances that might challenge other providers - and yet maintain extremely high standards for operator safety and minimized emissions at the same time.

The quality and efficiency of our equipment also allows us to significantly minimize the length of the cremation process which, in turn, saves energy by using less natural gas. And, unlike older equipment, our cremators are specifically designed to control and minimize emissions. This means that we're able to significantly reduce the entire carbon footprint of the cremation process. 

We're proud of the fact that the RiverBend Cremation Center is leading the way with environmentally responsible cremation services for the entire Quad Cities region!


The Right Processes & Procedures

One of the common questions people have with cremation is this: "How do I know that I’m getting the right ashes back?" We are the only crematory anywhere in the Quad Cities region area utilizing an exclusive barcode tracking system to monitor every step of the process, assuring us - and you - that this is never a concern.

Before cremation can take place in either Iowa or Illinois, the county Medical Examiner/Coroner must determine the cause of death. This may or may not require an autopsy. Once sufficient medical documentation is obtained to certify the cause of death, a Cremation Permit is issued by the Medical Examiner/Coroner.  Only then can cremation commence.

In addition to the cremation medallions that most every cremation service offers, we use a unique bar-code tracking system which records date/time/operation/operator information directly into our computerized record system. The safety check features of this system actually safeguards us from opening the cremation chamber until all required steps - including receiving the proper Cremation Permit - have been satisfied and recorded. 

The body, encased in some type of rigid container, is carefully placed into the cremation chamber. The cremator then employs intense heat and flame, attaining a temperature of approximately 1600-1800 degrees Fahrenheit, to reduce the body to skeletal fragments after approximately 2 hours. These fragments of bone are then processed to a uniform size and are then placed into an urn or container selected by the family.

Because cremation is considered "final disposition" in both Iowa and Illinois, it is permissible for family members to take possession of the ashes after cremation is complete. Many people prefer to bury the ashes (or a portion of them) in a cemetery so family and friends will always have a place to go reflect, remember and reminisce.

Scattering of ashes may be permitted in certain circumstances, but may not be permissible in other instances. Be sure to inquire of your Funeral Director if you have intentions to scatter ashes as municipal regulations vary and scattering is an irreversible decision.
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