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Dignity, Privacy & Security

The RiverBend Cremation Center facility is the first of its kind in the entire state of Iowa.  We're pleased to be setting new standards for families who prefer cremation.

Dignity and privacy are paramount in every aspect of our cremation service. From the moment a delivery vehicle arrives on-site at the RiverBend Cremation Center, the vehicle enters directly into the facility and the garage door is then closed in order to maintain every measure of dignity and proper decorum for the handling of the body.

Dedicated safe areas - including secure refrigeration facilities - are available only by card-swipe access. These secure areas are utilized for proper, dignified and safe holding areas where the body can be held until all necessary paperwork has been received and verified, at which time cremation can commence.

Complete Care Center

It's worth noting that RiverBend is currently the only stand-alone cremation facility in the State of Iowa with a complete, secure, licensed Embalming/Preparation Center on-site. Embalming can be done here if requested, and the Medical Examiner/Coroner can also utilize this space if further investigation is required prior to cremation.  This secure space is also available to Organ Procurement Organizations for organ and tissue procurement as requested.

Special Care For Pets

Our separate pet cremation division, Quad Cities Pet Cremation, employs completely separate equipment - including separate cremators, separate processors, separate refrigeration facilities and separate holding areas - just for pets - providing the most dignified pet cremation service you’ll find anywhere. 

Because we think pets are part of the family, too.

Fully Licensed

The RiverBend Cremation Center is fully licensed by the Iowa Board of Mortuary Science, a division of the Iowa Public Health Department.
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