Laser Engraving

We're intentional about raising the standards for cremation care throughout the entire Quad Cities region. And we're the only cremation provider anywhere around that offers in-house Laser Engraving for your urns, grave markers and other keepsakes.

Professional Equipment  

Our Laser Engraver is a truly professional caliber machine that is optimized for the engraving of:
  • urns
  • nameplates
  • keepsake items 
  • grave markers
  • memorial bricks
  • all kinds of memory items


You don't need to worry about out-sourcing or working with some vendor three states away. Our engraving is done right here, by our own team members, on our own machine. This means you have the peace of mind that you know who you're working with and there's no middle man anywhere. It also means you'll get the best turnaround times possible.

Fully Customizable 

There's no need to settle for the limitations that come with the older scratch-type engravers. We can laser engrave text, photos, graphics and more in just about any format you can imagine. 

And we're not limited to memorial items, either. We can do custom engraving on a wide variety of materials for signage, decor or just about anything else you can imagine.


Because we have our own machine and do our own engraving work, there's no one else involved. This allows us to make our engraving service available at the most affordable rates possible. 

Certain layouts, such as those for urns and keepsakes that we routinely produce, have established prices, while custom work will be bid by time and material.

CLICK HERE for established prices for engraving urns, bricks, keepsake items and grave markers.

CLICK HERE to submit a no-cost/no-obligation inquiry for custom engraving.

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